2007 Jul 04

New layout!

KWF has a gorgeous new layout thanks to the very talented Frederik, who has also done the previous layout.

I’d also like to thank Mycah and Annie for helping me with the coding!

Please let me know what do you think of the site’s new look! :D

Attention: I’m having some problems with the gallery, I hope they’ll be fixed soon. Please be patient. Fixed! ;)

31 Comments on “New layout!”

  1. hey i like the new layout and all.. but the links up the top of the page that take you to, for example, the gallery, arnt showing up properly nd u cant read them… so yer u shud just fix them, but other than that- its all kool! XX

  2. the New Layout is GREAT!!! Everything in the site is FANTASTIC!
    Love it
    THANX a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. O que eu posso dizer?! rsrs Você sabe que eu gosto muito do trabalho do Frederik e que amei este layout qdo me mostrou. Tá muito lindo msm td por aki. Parabéns !!! Bjos

  4. Wow its gorgious, very bright and light:D
    Oh and i would like to thank you roberta that you keep this site updated and stuff Great! keep up the good work:)

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