2011 Oct 05

Happy birthday, Kate!!!

And to celebrate our English Rose day, I have put up a new layout made by the amazing Hilary. Hope you guys like it as much as I do! And if you come across any errors, please let me know! :D


12 Comments on “Happy birthday, Kate!!!”

  1. The new layout looks GREAT Roberta! Hilary did an amazing job with it, and you’re doing an amazing job on the site as always. :)

    And Happy Birthday Kate!! :D

  2. Just a wonderful job on the new layout Hilary and Roberta so well done. Kate’s site looks amazing!!!

    Hope you have an amzingliy Happy Birthday Kate and many many more! Love You!!!!

  3. Katie Happy Birthday! Let this day be a very happy and festive!
    I wish you happiness, health, love and lots of cool new movies, which we are all waiting!
    Love you! You all the best!

  4. Happy birthdayyy babe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wish so bad that i could be with you on this day! love you so so much! enjoy your day!

  5. Happy birthday kate
    I hope enjoy your birthday
    Happy birthday to u
    Happy birthday to u
    Happy birthday to kate
    Happy birthday to u
    Enjoy your happy birthday

  6. Rose if u see dis, dis is one for u
    “Itni shidat se mai ne Tumhe paane kosish ki hai,
    Ki har zar re ne Tum se milane ki saazish ki hai”
    (it’s in hindi)

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