2007 Feb 13

More pics from the BAFTAs

• Awards & Galas: 2007 BAFTA Awards
• Awards & Galas: 2007 BAFTA Awards: After Party

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  1. Seeing these pictures of Kate reminded me of something wonderful I saw when watching the news on the night of the BAFTAs, there was a very short clip of Kate, she was walking along the red carpet when out of the corner of her eyeshe say some people in wheelchairs. She rushed over to see them, virtually throwing her bag at one of her aids because it looked like she couldnt get there quick enough. How lovely is it, that even though she is a big star, she still has time for those less fortunate than herself. I think celebs are all too quickly critisized, but never complemented on some of the lovely, genuine, heart warming things that they do, and its just a shame that no one will ever tell her that her gusture was seen by some people and I personally thought it was wonderful, good on her.

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