2007 Feb 13

2007 BAFTAs: video + pics

• Awards & Galas: 2007 BAFTA Awards
• Awards & Galas: 2007 BAFTA Awards: After Party

• Appearances: 2007 BAFTA Awards: Best British Film Presentation (Thanks to Jess)

7 Comments on “2007 BAFTAs: video + pics”

  1. Anyone know the name of the song accompanying her as she walks down to present? I’m dying to know…

  2. wow she totally worked that dress in the pics so freaakin divine im loving her more day by day im definitely gonna register 4 da forums rite now im downloading the vid cant wait 4 it thank u thank u thank u ill post again after watching the vid

  3. OH MY GOD thats all i can say I wanna kick myself 4 not being obsessed with her more all these years especially in the years of Iris and Eternal…
    I always felt connected and interested in her acting and cried during titanic shes definitely one of the best out there
    and THE BAFTAS seem more elegant than the oscars . Has she been there b4? If so do u have any vids of her at earlier BAFTAS?do post them

  4. oh and btw the song is the instrumental version of The Scissor Sisters’
    “I Dont Feel Like Dancing”

  5. Wrong song. I actually just got confirmation from the BAFTA people themselves that the song is Bob SInclar “Love Generation”. It didn’t sound anything like Scissor Sisters.

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