2007 Dec 01

Mandy Moore’s crush on Winslet

Mandy Moore is keen to lock lips with British actress Kate Winslet on the big screen — because the Titanic actress is the only female Moore the pop star would share a love scene with.
Moore, who is fast becoming a big screen star herself after a string of acclaimed movies, is a longtime fan of Winslet’s, and would be thrilled to star in a film with her.
And she’d even consider a kissing scene — or more.
She says, “I think she is just beautiful and she’s a phenomenal actress.”

Source: PR-inside.com

5 Comments on “Mandy Moore’s crush on Winslet”

  1. that’s aweosme
    I agree with Alyson. haha
    it really is awesome how many celebs love kate! yaaay kate! =)

  2. honostly, did anyone read that message wrong or does it seem that Moore is a little obsessed?! its one thing to admire fellow actresses. but that excess love talk is a little nonsense. jmo.

    Moore is not anywhere remotely close to where Kate is in terms of their careers. same career, different worlds! sorry!

  3. Gab, maybe her comment was taken sort out of context. She doesn’t sound obsessed to me. No more than any of us here are lol. Although, none of us go around talking about how we would like to make out with Kate either.
    Anyway, it was maybe a little of an outlandish statement, but it’s no different than any other comment on the subject of on-screen love scenes.
    Kate is a good choice for anyone, man or woman, to share a love scene with, but I don’t know that Mandy Moore is the one to get that chance. Her talent is nowhere near that of Kate’s and it’s one thing for them to be in a movie together, but to share that kind of scene together just wouldn’t feel right. Moore isn’t worthy of that honor yet lol.

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