2008 May 23

Let’s get “Plunge: The Movie” released!

Fan Juan came up with this great idea to make the directors/producers of the little indie film Plunge: The Movie, featuring Kate (obviously). Her scenes were filmed in October of 1997 (It was probably right after Titanic!).

Director Max Newsom says, “Kate Winslet appeared in my kitchen behind a coffee cup one morning, shortly after the crew had parked themselves behind rows of bacon sandwiches. She’d heard about the rehearsals we’d been having and wanted to see what we were up to. She traveled with us to Cornwall and, two days later, rang to ask if there might not be a part she could do. The result of her inquiry was what you’ll see on screen”.

Anyway, here’s the idea for all of us to try making it released on DVD:

We are going to start a petition, writing e-mails to the following addresses:

Notice that these addresses were, in fact, created for what we intend to do now: “For viewing the movie, contact us.” So, let’s get to it, shall we?!
So, come on, guys, Kate fans, admirers or even someone who doesn’t mind expend 5 minutes of your time and help us fans!
Let’s be creative and send lots of e-mails to those guys for us to get a chance to watch this movie. We need more people sending e-mails… let’s bomb them with e-mails. Make noise, be a pain on the neck!!! :)

Even if she only has a cameo, it is still Kate and we (I think I might as well include all Kate fans here) are dying to see it.

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  1. I have written the email within seconds ago!

    WOO! Go Kate Fans! Yay let’s make it happen

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