2009 Jan 17

KWF needs your help!!!

Currently I’m having troubleshoot with the forum. I need the username and password of those of you who can still login to the forums.

The new forum will be up soon. Just I’m not sure if I’ll restore all of the posts and topics and, more so, the users.

The BAFTAs and Oscars are coming up and I need the money to buy the pics, so please CLICK HERE TO DONATE (remember, if you donate $8.00 or more, you will be able to view the entire categories of candids and photohoots.

3 Comments on “KWF needs your help!!!”

  1. I have donated $8, but as I’m too young, it’s under my Mum’s name which is: Caroline Lally.

  2. Hey Roberta I wish I could donate but my mum won’t allow :(
    A question: Where can I tell you my username and password? Just post it on here?

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