2007 Jan 26

Kate’s meeting project

A fellow Kate fan and current visitor of the site and forums (who, for now, would like to stay “anonymous”) has a proposal to give Kate our support as they will try and meet with her on this year’s Oscar Nominee Luncheon on February 5th. They write:

“I am going to the Oscar nominee luncheon and would like to bring something to Kate that shows our support. I was thinking a fanart or card that said ‘You will always be our Best Actress’ or something to that effect. I don’t want to be in charge of creating it, I just want to throw it out there as an idea for anyone who thinks they can make something really nice that I could just print as an 8×10 and give to her. I’d like it to be a collage that has photos of her from every nominated performance or maybe all of her most significant performances.”

Specifications follow:

1) A collage that has photos of her from every nominated performance or maybe all of her most significant performances;
2) I want to print it as an 8×10 on photo paper so it should be large enough, proper proportioned, and use brilliant colors;
3) It should say “You will always be our Best Actress” or something to that effect (proper spelling, punctuation, etc. is a given);
4) As the creator you may sign or tag it but do not make your tag the largest thing on the page

It would be nice to have it signed with the site’s name and the names of fans with their respective countries underneath. Only one artwork will be chosen by this person to represent the site and all the fans that wish to have their names written on it.

Your artwork must be submitted as an attachment to roberta@kate-winslet.net (the subject of the e-mail has to be “Kate’s meeting project”) with your name and country by Wednesday, January 31st. It will then be forwarded to and chosen personally by the person who’s organizing this. The chosen artwork and creator will be announced on the following Friday, February 2.
If you’d like to share your submission with other Kate fans and ask for their opinions or if you have any further ideas to make this cool, please post them at the “Kate’s meeting project” topic on the forums.

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  1. I already meet her at the London premiere of Little Children. I have to contact this person because I have somrthing to send him that I’d like him or her give to Kate, please… How can I do? Can this person email me?

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