2007 Nov 03

Kate’s Meeting Project: Accomplished

Many of you might remember our little project earlier this year that fan Janna, who also does awesome drawings of Kate, would try and give out to Kate a collage that fans over here at KWF helped get made:


Well, if you don’t remember, you can read all about it here and here.

Anyway, this is what happened, in Janna’s own words…

Well, I finally got it to Kate last night at the Britannia Awards after the show. Just wanted you to know and you can tell everyone and remind them.

After the show she was leaving the ballroom. My friends and I were waiting for her in the hotel lobby at the Century Plaza. My friends all got photos with her and I didn’t want to bother her for that, it was late and I already had one from before. So the only photo I have of her from the event is one with my friend Emily. Anyway, I gave her the second drawing I did. Just kind of haphazardly handed it to her in the middle of her taking photos with people. She paused and stared at it. She was very surprised. Bill Nighy was with her. She showed it to him and she said thank you. Then I gave her the envelope that had the collage in it. She didn’t open it right then ’cause she was leaving, but she said thank you for that as well. It was all very rushed. But I can tell you she has it, it has an index card inside crediting you personally and the website so she knows who created it for her.

All in all I was kind of in shock talking with her again and probably didn’t get all the things out that I wanted to say, but I’m happy she has her gifts!

What to say about this? Just WOW! Now we all can be sure that Kate knows we exist!!! Thank you so much, Janna! :D

Also, Janna has been lucky enough to having been able to meet Kate more than once. Click here to read her story. :)

7 Comments on “Kate’s Meeting Project: Accomplished”

  1. I really hope she writes something back, but it´s really awesome that she knows we exist and love her working and personality!!! Janna I really would like to be in your shoes and meet Kate!!!

    Awww the collage is beautiful (the pictures and the words!) That is SOOOOO exciting that Kate knows about the site!!! Ahhhhhhh!!! :-D
    If you happen to see this Kate, I love you so much! You’re truly a role model in my life every single day. All that you stand for is honourable and admirable in my eyes. I adore all of your work, it never ceases to be brilliant. Keep up the earth-shattering talent sweetheart! You’re my hero!

    An adoring fan, Lauren O.

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