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Kate’s 2007 Retrospective

It’s the end of the year, so I thought about asking you, regular visitors of Kate Winslet Fan, what were your favorite Kate moments of 2007? What interview, magazine cover, dress, etc., did you like the most? Share your thoughts with other fans!
I take this opportunity to wish all of you a very happy 2008! :)

Got the idea from Eva Green Web

16 Comments on “Kate’s 2007 Retrospective

  1. Hey It’s already 2008 here so,…Cheers! I thought 2007 was a great style year for Kate. Never looked better=)

  2. I agree Kim! Kate looked absolutely beautiful this year!! (and every year).
    Happy New Year everyone!!!

  3. Happy New Years 2008 everyone! Kate looked so amazing and fit this year. I can’t wait forher new film, RR, to be release this December!

  4. Happy New Year 2008!! Lsat year 2007 was a good year for Kate and I think that this 2008 will be better ; )

  5. She looks absolutely gorgeous. She’s just the best actress ever. I <3 her.
    Happy new year to everyone…

  6. Happy New year! This past year 2007 was a bit quiet for Kate, but the big excitement for me was the release of Hamlet on DVD (finally), the release of Romance & Cigarettes in the US (finally), and the filming of Revolutionary Road. The “Road” on-the-set pictures were fabulous, and the collaboration with husband Sam and former co-star Leo have me anxiously awaiting its release. But even more importantly, I’m eager to find out what films Kate will choose to do next. Not that Kate doesn’t deserve to take it easy and devote her attention to her family at this time in her life, but I’m hoping she will work on more films in 2008. Meanwhile, my opinion is still the same…. Kate is one of the finest actors of all time, and at the same time, a really, really nice person. She continues to light up my life and provide me with inspiration every day.

  7. 2007 a fantastic year for Kate..I wish her and all fans a wonderful new year full of joy and love! ^__^
    2008………Revolutionary Road………………….I can’t wait!!!!! >__<

  8. AMAZING HOW KATE CAN LOOK SO different and yet she”s always looks beautiful> hAPPY nEW yEAR!

  9. Siding with majority of the comments, it seemed on camera at least to be her best year yet. I think it was more of her in style and fashionable year, because after the Holiday, she had really gotten more press. 2008 is going to probably be the same, if not better, considering Rev Road is going to be released and she along with other cast members will be interviewed in just about any place–hopefully, this gets alot of press! Ultimately, new year or not, Kate is always best dressed and most classic than anyone else.

  10. P.S. Lancome was probably the biggest highlight, and most honorable moment, especially for Kate! A lot of elegance and class, definitely not seen in anyone else.

  11. the whole revolutionary road thing, ( finding out in march ) pretty much made me pee myself!!!! I love her!

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