2007 Jun 12

Full coverage of Kate in Paris

• Awards & Galas: Lancôme Party – June 11, 2007
• 2007 Candids: On a photoshoot at the Ritz – June 12
• 2007 Candids: Leaving the Ritz Hotel – June 12
• 2007 Candids: At Paris Airport – June 12

6 Comments on “Full coverage of Kate in Paris”

  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I wasn’t able to see the video so I’m glad to have pictures! :)

  2. I am elated that our lovely Kate is the new face of Lancome! It is such a pleasure to see that a real, curvacious and healthy woman is the latest example of true beauty. It’s also disappointing though that this is ‘breaking news’ because Kate is still probably 6 sizes smaller than the average American woman anyway! Congratulations Kate. You ARE a true beauty.

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