2007 Jan 16

Golden Globes!

• Awards & Galas: 64th Annual Golden Globe Awards

• Appearances: 64th Annual Golden Globe Awards: E!’s Red Carpet Interview (Thanks to Mariana)

9 Comments on “Golden Globes!”

  1. im so sad that kate didn’t win.i feel bad
    i didnt see the golden globe award so far .i’ll see it today on mbc4 in syria.kate u were amazing.

  2. She looked very beautiful and I love the pics with Leo! They’re so cute together! :)
    I wasn’t expecting Kate to win this year – not because she wasn’t great but because it seems to be Helen Mirren’s year -, but it always feel sad when she doesn’t win. But I’m sure that Kate’s time will come. She’s amazingly talented and will get many more nominations in the future. ;)

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