2007 May 12

First pics from Revolutionary Road!

Looks like shooting started earlier as Kate was seen hanging around the set of Revolutionary Road yesterday in NYC.

We also have a small video of her leaving the set:

• Revolutionary Road: On the Set – May 11, 2007

• Revolutionary Road: Leaving the Set – May 11, 2007

15 Comments on “First pics from Revolutionary Road!”

  1. I can’t believe it, this is fast ! I wasn’t expecting it till much later. I have still to read the book but I just can’t wait, her hair is beautiful on the pictures :)

  2. Does anyone know what kind of shoes those are that Kate is wearing? I know I have seen her wearing black, red and now purple. I love them. They are so cute! Any help would be appreciated. I can’t believe there are pics already from this movie set. Kate looks gorgeous as always!

  3. Pleaase…CAn you check why this download isn’t working…Please help me.:)

  4. thta’s so cool!!! thanks for the pics!!
    but…i can’t see the video me too…that’s weird… :s

  5. Wow! I wasn’t expecting this already, lol. I didn’t think filming started yet.

  6. Wow that was fast! Like many of you, I wasn’t expecting the filming to start so soon. Thanks for the awesome update, Ro! :)

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