2008 Apr 23

Filming: Kate Winslet in Saxony

British actress Kate Winslet visits Saxony, to be exact the nice Saxon Switzerland. But not for holidays but to be in front of the camera to shoot Bernhard Schlink’s bestseller “The Reader”. Kate Winslet came to Saxony again. There are planned several shooting days with the 32-year old star on the footpath in Kirnitzschtal in Saxon Switzerland for the end of June. In March, Winslet already shot several days in Goerlitz.

The Hollywood production “The Reader” took the British for the female leading role as a former concentration camp guard. Originally they provided Nicole Kidman as the leading role. She renounced because of her pregnancy.

The male leading role is played by Ralph Fiennes (“The English Patient”). Direction leads Stephen Daldry (“Billy Elliot”)

Filming already started in fall last year in Berlin.

Source: Die Zeit online

Thanks to Katerina for translating it.

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