2008 Jun 23

British Film Forever

Last year, Kate gave some interviews to a one season series called “British Film Forever”. This series had altogether 7 episodes, and Kate participated in 4 of them.

From Gandhi, Four Weddings And A Funeral, to Brief Encounter and Bend It Like Beckham, Britain has been a major player in world cinema for over 100 years and continues to produce award-winning talent.

The Summer Of British Film on BBC Two is a season dedicated to home grown cinema, encompassing all genres from thriller and comedy to the kitchen sink drama.

This unique television event celebrates the rich heritage of British film and has at its centrepiece British Film Forever a seven-part primetime series for BBC Two.

Jessica Hynes (Nee Stevenson, Shaun Of The Dead) guides us through the series examining British film by genre, with highlights from over 200 exclusive interviews from leading actors and directors including Sir Michael Caine, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Kate Winslet, Ewan McGregor, Gurinder Chadha and Richard Curtis.

The series was made with the support of the British Film Institute and the UK Film Council.

Here are the episodes Kate had a part in:

Episode 1: Guns, Gangsters and Getaways: The Story of the British Crime Thriller
Episode 2: Longing, Loving and Leg-Overs: The Story of British Romance
Episode 4: Corsets, Cleavage and Country Houses: The Story of British Costume Drama
Episode 7: Sauce, Satire and Silliness: The Story of British Comedy

And of course, here on KWF you can see the screen captures and watch all of those!

• British Film Forever: Episode 1
• British Film Forever: Episode 2
• British Film Forever: Episode 4
• British Film Forever: Episode 7

• British Film Forever: Episode 1 (28 July 2007)
• British Film Forever: Episode 2 (4 August 2007)
• British Film Forever: Episode 4 (18 August 2007)
• British Film Forever: Episode 7 (8 September 2007)

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  1. Thanks, Roberta! I have been waiting to see these interviews for quite a while. It is always nice to hear Kate’s opinions.

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