2011 Mar 28

AskMen interviews Kate Winslet

Was becoming an actress always a goal for you?

Kate Winslet: Yes, I always wanted to be an actress for as long as I can remember, and I’m incredibly fortunate that my career has turned out the way it has.

Which of your early roles really changed things for you?

KW: Playing Juliet in Heavenly Creatures changed my life, and the role of Clementine in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind opened many new doors creatively.

You’re quite a stranger to bad reviews. How do you do it?

KW: Luck? I have no idea!

Do you ever watch your own films? Do you find it difficult to see yourself on screen?

KW: I watch them once, and that’s it. The experience of making a movie is far removed from watching the end result. It’s exciting, but it still makes me squirm.

Which global causes do you feel particularly strongly about?

KW: Autism. I narrated a film about an autistic boy called A Mother’s Courage and, as a result, was impelled to set up a new charity: www.goldenhatfoundation.org.

What is your biggest indulgence at the moment?

KW: Coffee. And kissing my kids.

What are you passionate about?

KW: Both of the above! As well as acting.

How would you describe your personality?

KW: Passionate, practical, warm, and adventurous.

What could you never give up?

KW: I love to cook. I could never give that up.

What is your ultimate dream?

KW: A cure for autism.

You are Longines’ Ambassador of Elegance. Tell us about your experience with the brand.

KW: I love working with Longines, and I’m very excited about what’s ahead. I have been a fan of their watches for a long time, so it made great sense to accept their invitation to become an ambassador.

It must have been a natural choice to become one of the company’s ambassadors, then.

KW: They are a great company of collaborative people whose charitable endeavors are admirable. It’s an honor to be asked to join hands with them.

Tell us about the commercial. What was it like working with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Chi Ling Lin?

KW: It was so much fun. I loved working with them, and it was so interesting to have such a mix of different cultures. They are both wonderful actresses and so professional.

Do you have a favorite piece from the Longines DolceVita collection?

KW: Right now, I really fancy the Longines DolceVita steel and rose gold model, but some of their classic flagship pieces are stunning, too. They’re elegant. Their watches are so effortlessly elegant.

How do you define luxury?

KW: Real luxury is having the time to read endless stories in bed with my children. And I get that all the time. I’m so blessed.

Source: AskMen

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