2007 Jun 11

Announcement of new Lancôme’s Trèsor ambassador

Here’s the video that’s just been broadcast. Kate was presented as the new ambassador for Lancôme’s Trésor fragrance, following the steps of Isabella Rossellini.
Kate is wearing a stunning black dress and silver earrings. She walked down a big staircase before being interviewed for a couple of minutes.

• Miscellaneous: Lancôme’s Trèsor new ambassador announcement – June 11, 2007

12 Comments on “Announcement of new Lancôme’s Trèsor ambassador”

  1. thanks for the video kate looks GREAT!! was that really live? is kate in paris now?

  2. Kate looks beautiful and so elegant!! Thanks for posting the video! This site is incredible:D

  3. thanks so much for bringing us this video, roberta. Kate is such a stunning woman. and Oh That Dress!!!

    It tickles me to read descriptions of Tresor at the Lancome site….”A fresh ROSE that intrigues and seduces with the recognisable velvety softness of the Rose petals so typical of TRÉSOR. The sensuality of fruity notes extends this stunning initial impact with a delicious touch, blending Blackcurrant bud, energising CLEMENTINE and Red currant sorbet, as fresh and melting as a dessert.

    TRÉSOR opens with a flurry of Rose petals and Apricot blossom, illuminated by a halo of the pure, white notes of Peach Tree Flowers. Lilly of the Valley, Vanilla, Heliotrope and IRIS follow, casting their seductive spell.

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