2008 May 18

“Anglo Saxon Attitudes” DVD Release

Anglo Saxon Attitudes (mini-series) — Daniel Craig and Kate Winslet appear in the Andrew Davies-written U.K. Mini-Series
Available in North America on July 1st

Posted by David Lambert 5/18/2008

The classic British story Anglo Saxon Attitudes, a novel by Angus Wilson, was adapted into a mini-series for U.K. television in 1992 by master storyteller Andrew Davies. The 3-episode production stars Richard Johnson and Tara Fitzgerald, and you can spot both Daniel Craig (Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace) and Kate Winslet (Titanic, Finding Neverland) in one of her first roles.

On July 1st Acorn Media will release a 2-DVD set running 229 minutes, that includes the a Biography of screenwriter Andrew Davies, Program Previews, and Cast Filmographies among the extras. Cost is $39.99 SRP in the USA, and CA$49.99 SRP in Canada. Here is the studio description of this release, followed by the box art:

    A darkly comic, take-no-prisoners satire, Anglo-Saxon Attitudes skewers British social and academic hypocrisy to the very core. Richard Johnson (The Camomile Lawn) stars as Gerald Middleton, a distinguished, retired historian coming to terms with his life’s folly.As a student, Middleton witnessed the unearthing of the Melpham idol, a pagan fertility figure that electrified modern medieval scholarship by turning up in the grave of a 7th-century bishop. He also began an affair with Dollie (Tara Fitzgerald) — the fiancée of his best friend, the man who had privately confessed to planting the idol as a hoax. While trying to reveal the truth, Middleton wrestles with his monstrously overbearing wife and their three emotionally dysfunctional children.

    Based on the novel by Angus Wilson, the story teems with outlandish characters engaged in all manner of deceit, especially the most damning of all: self-deception.

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