2007 May 28

1998+1999 interviews/clips

I’ve added a total of 8 videos from 1998 and 1999. And also, a really special video of Kate’s early years!

• Miscellaneous: Kate’s Early Years
• Movie Specials: Titanic – A&E Special – 1998
• Movie Specials: Titanic – ET Special – 1998
• Other Interviews: ET – 1998
• Other Interviews: Good Morning America – 1998
• News Shows: NBC Time & Again – 1998
• News Shows: Sky News – 1998
• Interviews: The Priory – November 9, 1999

Just a note about the Sky News video: it contains rare footage from the set of Hideous Kinky with a small interview with Kate and also Kate, ex-hubby Jim Threapleton and her parents at the Heathrow airport heading to the Oscars. Very nice!

Next videos update will be interviews from 2004 and 2006!

7 Comments on “1998+1999 interviews/clips”

  1. thanks a lot :)

    but that was weird from the little girl in ‘the priory’ interview to ask if kate winslet saw dicaprio nude.

    I can understand that many young girls fancied him but not that way from that young girls. Or maybe someone pushed her to ask this question…weird.

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