2008 Aug 27

Upcoming pics

Hey guys, here’s the deal:

As you may know, Kate has two big upcoming films about to open. In order to get the best shots from all the premieres and award shows (she will probably be nominated for one, if not both her roles in The Reader and Revolutionary Road) I will need some money. So I’m asking for all KWF supporters to donate what you can to help me bring you a bunch of pictures. All the money will be used for those pictures and nothing else. I’ll be forever thankful for this! Just click the link below to make your donation! :)

If you can’t open the PayPal page by clicking the button above, click here.

4 Comments on “Upcoming pics”

  1. I am so sorry, I wish I could help, I really do but I don’t make my won money right now and I don’t have a credit card to do Pay Pal……sorry :( .(

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