2009 Jan 25

UK Fans – Would you like to review Revolutionary Road for The Richard & Judy Show?

Hi there

I am a researcher for the Richard and Judy show. We are looking for three fans of Kate, Leo and Titanic to take part in our film review next week. We want three fans to go and see the film, ‘Revolutionary Road’ on Monday, 26th January (2009) and then come in to the studio on Wednesday, 28th January to review it on the show.

We will pay for your cinema ticket and your travel. Our studios are in London, so you need to live in the UK to take part.

If you, or someone you know, is interested, please email rhernster@aol.com

Many thanks

At the time of writing this, it may be postponed until next week,

Monday 2nd February.

I have removed the researchers email and phone number by request, but I will forward on any query to the show.  rhernster@aol.com