2010 Feb 25

What would you like to see on KWF?

Tell us what you would like to see on the site. From additions to changes. Anything to help improve KWF even more!

Leave a comment bellow sharing your thoughts and opinions. :)

Feedback is always welcome and very appreciated, it really is a big part of what keeps me motivated enough to bring all the latest on Kate. ;)

IMPORTANT EDIT: Most of the comments mention the videos archive. Would you prefer an archive like this: http://rose-mcgowan.com/video or like this one: http://videos.emmawatson.com.br? Please, this is very important!

11 Comments on “What would you like to see on KWF?”

  1. I like the news and videos best. Really like your video archive/listing going back many years, making it wonderful to see Kate’s growth.

  2. the emma tube is better!..hope you do thaat
    but better find somemore!
    kwfan is getting popular by the minute!
    and for that, ill be making a music video for kate in youtube!!

  3. I like the Rose McGowan one. I think it’s a lot easier to navigate and watch the particular videos you’re interested in since it’s all categorized.

  4. @Diana – Thanks, that’s such a great idea! I’ll work on that! For now, you can read some quotes by famous people on Kate and also Kate’s quotes on other famous people. ;) Winona Ryder is also obsessed with Kate. She has a pic of her on her fridge, LOL. Ellen Page also looks up to Kate.

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