2007 Sep 04

Trèsor commercial

• Trèsor: Commercial (Thanks to Mariana)

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  1. Yes, it’s romantic and beautifully shot. It’s like a movie scene rather than a commercial.

    However, I agree it’s too short, they should have showed Kate running, too. Any maybe mention her name in the end. But maybe there will be different commercials?

    Anyway, I love it, it’s different!!!!

  2. Shorter than I thought but I think there will be soon a new version that would be longer. Of course it drove me to tears: the music, Kate’s face, she looks like she is sensitive and ready to cry. Maybe being happy to having ending by finding love? Kate was right, this woman probably had her heart broken many times. And she was right too, she looks at him right in the eyes! It is so beautiful! BRAVO Lindbergh and thank you so much!

  3. Wow many thanks for posting!!! Although it’s shorter than I expected I’m pretty sure there will be a loger version for the Tv, also, because that just seemed a bit cutted…
    Kate acted brilliant, although it was just a commerical and very short. I love they way of acting as it is in this commercial. If the actors do not speak and you just see the face impressions on the actor’s face what explains the whole situation and the story. That’s really what makes you a good actor because that’s the most difficult thing in acting! :) And it’s great done in this commerical, also, because there really IS a story what makes it better than other commericals.^^

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