2010 Mar 02

Spotted at JFK airport

Kate was spotted at New York’s JFK airport yesterday, March 1. Was she heading to LA to get herself prepared for the Oscars already?

• Candids: At JFK airport – March 1

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  1. Hi ! :D
    I saw on Kate’s french forum (you know Eternal-Kate) that there is a rumor that Kate might be in Paris ! O_o But it’s really REALLY not sure ! :P
    Look here : http://twitter.com/ichfenega
    “Kate Winslet arrivée ce matin au Ritz… Fatiguée par son vol… ”
    I translate ^^ > ” Kate Winslet arrived this morning at the Ritz … Tired of her flight … ” (posted yesterday evening)
    So … Let’s see ! I just wanted to share that with you ! :)

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