2011 Apr 20

Screen captures: “The Reader” Blu-ray

Added 665 screen captures from The Reader Blu-ray:

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4 Comments on “Screen captures: “The Reader” Blu-ray”

  1. More wonderful pictures Roberta, I dont know how you do it but Thank you. These bring back so many memories and set my mind working as well. Such a powerful movie and performance.

  2. Wow, this is my favorite film!
    Roberta where do you get all the time for all the work, do you have 25 hours on you days ;)
    And yes Niall, its powerful!

  3. Your so right sara, if it wasnt for Titanic this would be my favourite movie too. The feelings this brought out of me, I meant look at the pics of Hanna/Kate and try to picture her as a gaurd at Auschwitz, I couldnt as hard as I tried.

  4. This is one of the best works of Kate.
    This is the feature of Kate – she’s not afraid to appear on the screen in different ways. It does not always shine, beauty and, in the “Reader”, and education.
    She is not afraid to “lose face” by playing Hannah Schmitz – a woman accused of genocide.
    This film struck me deeply. I once again appreciate the uniqueness of Kate Winslet.

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