2011 Apr 21

Screen captures: “Revolutionary Road” Blu-ray

And now especially for Kate & Leo fans (most of you, I’m sure :)), I’ve added 787 screen captures from the Revolutionary Road Blu-ray to the gallery:

• Movies > Revolutionary Road: Screen Captures – Blu-ray

Note: Blu-ray featurettes and videos coming later!

2 Comments on “Screen captures: “Revolutionary Road” Blu-ray”

  1. Beautiful pics again Roberta thank you. Always great when Kate and Leo were together on screen and the magic was stil there just like Titanic. A difficult story though in this movie which made not the easiest for me. A high note as well, Kate looked amazing in this movie, with blonde hair and white clothes all the time, really beautiful!!

  2. I watched this movie 3 times (certainly look yet), and each time I am struck by the depth of reflection it feelings.
    Kate and Leo look great next to – it’s two great actor and close friend. Ever since the “Titanic” together they create a storm of emotion, a never-ending flow of energy and fully capture the audience of his game to another world.

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