2007 Jun 03

RR – On the set: June 2

• Revolutionary Road: On the Set – June 2, 2007

Click the link below to see photos of Leo DiCaprio and Sam Mendes also on the set.

Leonardo DiCaprio:

Sam Mendes:

18 Comments on “RR – On the set: June 2”

  1. You do such a wonderful job keeping us updated. Much thanks for all the hard work you do. Beautiful pictures. I can’t wait

  2. Cute dress!! :D

    Is that boy Leo is talking to playing their son? They have a son, right? Lol.

  3. she’s not that thin…
    the boy whose Leo talking too is not his son. his son is supposed to be 4 yrs old i think. check imdb for pics of the lil boy.

  4. so nice pics from Leo and Kate …. i actually read the book with Kate and Leo on my mind – but the release is so far ahead :(
    US-Release will be on Dec. 19, 2008

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