2010 May 10

Opening of Sam Mendes’ “As You Like It”

This was probably the last event Kate and Sam attended together, on January 24, at the opening night of Sam’s play “As You Like It”:

• Other Appearances: Opening Night of “As You Like It”

And last but not least, I would like to thank Arwen of MrCavill.com for awarding us as the site of the month! :D Be sure to pay a visit to this awesome site dedicated to The Tudors heartthrob!

3 Comments on “Opening of Sam Mendes’ “As You Like It””

  1. Cool, I actually saw that play at BAM but didn’t make it to the opening night.

  2. aww :(.
    This actually makes me kinda sad..their last event together..
    But it also excites me…on who she will be dating next..
    Kate Winslet is fucking STUNNNING…so it won’t be long before she gets w/ someone else!

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