2008 Dec 08

New photoshoots!

• 2008 Photoshoots: Set #039
• 2008 Photoshoots: Set #044

I haven’t received many donations — although I’d like to thank the ones who have donated — Still, I don’t have enough money to keep running this site. Kate will be out a lot for the Awards season.
So now, in order to view all the photoshoots and outtakes (most of them in High Resolution), you must donate $8.00. You can go to the donation page, or if you don’t have a PayPal account, send me an e-mail and I’ll give you my home address.

8 Comments on “New photoshoots!”

  1. I have tried on numerous occasions to donate money, however its always a dead link or the page doesn’t open.
    I would say there have been a few people with that same problem that would be happy to donate, however unless the link is fixed I doubt that anyone will be willing to send money in the mail. Especially internationally.

  2. Scrolled down to an earlier post and got the link from there. However the side bar still gives me a dead link.
    At any rate i’ve sent you some money! x

  3. ^
    I think, as it’s Roberta’s site, she can ask for donations to help run it.
    I don’t think that $8 is a large amount to pay to view HQ images of all candids/photoshoots etc etc. You’d pay about that to buy the magazine it came from.
    I do agree, however, that it’s a little bit impractical for alot of people.
    Some don’t have pay pal, and like I said earlier, I don’t think alot of people are comfortable sending money through the mail, esp internationally.

    Perhaps there’s some sort of “special” section that you can subscribe to ie pay the $8 to enjoy. Like High res shoots/outtakes/candids/appearance photos. That way the gallery can remain intact for everyone who comes and ejoys your site.
    But, for the people that like to have HQ images, they’ll pay the $8.

    At any rate, I still am not able to look at them, though I noticed that i’ve been listed on the donations page. My user name is KELZ x

  4. Hi! I just made a donation. I just wanted to ask you not to include my name in the donations page, having my real name in a website is not something I love :P

    Do you update my member status? Or do i have to do anything else? ^^

  5. Roberta, I’ve donated and emailed you but have still recieved no password or am able to look at these photos!

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