2007 Nov 22

New contest: Christmas edition!

Wee! Time for a new contest. Since it’s Christmas Edition, the winner will get 2 DVDs! It will run through December 15.

Winner will get:
– 1 Finding Neverland DVD widescreen edition (region 1)
– 1 Dark Season DVD fullscreen edition (region 2)

Winner will be announced on December 16.

Clues: You can find all answers to the questions by browsing through the entire site. ;)

Edit: I’ve edited question #2 (it’s actually 11 films). It should be all right now, so please everyone who’s sent their answers, please submit them again. :) Sorry for the inconvenience and confusion.

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  1. I can’t do this questionnaire.. honestly no idea what is Kate’s cookery speciality, except that she loves cooking slamon and lamb for her kids!lol

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