2007 Feb 26

More Oscars pics + video!

And I also made a little video of Kate on the red carpet. :)

• Awards & Galas: 79th Annual Academy Awards

• Appearances: 79th Annual Academy Awards: Red Carpet

Even more pics coming soon, as well as pics from the Vanity Fair Party.

5 Comments on “More Oscars pics + video!”

  1. Thanks for posting all the great pics and thanks for tht video link, I never though of going on here – I loved it when she said Hello to her Mam and Dad on the Osars.

    It was funny, because E! were interiewing directly before the one I was watchin Sky One, so at the end of her interiew I could see her go over to Fern. Helen Mirren must have went the other way, and she pinshed Ferns flag, and i was watching E! before and I saw her telling him she just pinshed a flag.

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