2011 May 12

Kate Winslet’s lovely new ads for St. John revealed

This is Kate Winslet’s first ad for St. John Knits, the first apparel brand the actress has ever signed on to shill for. “I have worn several of their pieces over the years,” says Winslet. The shoot took place at an old movie theater in New Jersey. “They want to keep it looking like me and not have it look like me pretending to be a model wearing these clothes,” explains Winslet. “I’m obviously not a model. I’m not the size of a model. I don’t have the face of a model or the shape of a model.”

2 Comments on “Kate Winslet’s lovely new ads for St. John revealed”

  1. Oh, Kate, is not so !!!!! You are very beautiful! No single model can not be compared with you! Very beautiful pictures (not all, but I hope to soon be followed by updates)!
    Kate you are the best! And for whatever cause you any was taken, all doing well – whether it be movies, commercials or photo shoot! You’re just perfect!

    I understand that this is not the place, but I can not say – “Hamlet” by Kenneth Branagh, this is the best film adaptation of Shakespeare’s tragedy. Kate in this movie just great!

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