2008 Nov 04

Kate Winslet strips for Vanity Fair

Kate Winslet sure knows how to promote her two high profile movies coming out. For this shoot in Los Angeles, Winslet was channeling the Catherine Deneuve character from Belle de Jour, about a housewife moonlighting as a daytime prostitute.

Here’s to big box office grosses for Revolutionary Road (co-starring Leonardo DiCaprio ) and The Reader!

Actress Kate Winslet bares much of herself for the December issue of Vanity Fair

Kate Winslet, 33, revealed not just her skin, but some of her insecurities in the December issue of Vanity Fair. In the interview, she talks about her family, her career and her personal issues with her skin.

Here’s an excerpt: “You know, these mothers are going to read this article and they’re all absolutely great, but I know when I walk into that classroom in the morning, even if it’s for a split second, at some point I’m being checked out. And some of them will even say to me, ‘OK, what’s the secret with the skin?’ At which point I’m like, ‘Oh my God, there’s no secret. I have makeup on. And by the way, since I turned 30, I’ve had an acne problem on my chin. I’m just like everybody else — I just know how to cover it. If you’d like me to show you how, I’d be more than happy.'”

Winslet might share the same body image issues as most women — being that she’s a mother of two — but let’s not forget she’s also quite unique given that she’s a five-time Academy Award nominee and only in her 30s. The English dame has also starred in highly acclaimed films, including Sense and Sensibility, Titanic and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

A-list actor Leonardo DiCaprio praises Winslet in the Vanity Fair piece, calling Winslet the “most talented actress of her generation.” DiCaprio played Winslet’s lover in Titanic. He now stars as her husband in an upcoming film Revolutionary Road, which is directed by Winslet’s real-life husband Sam Mendes. In an e-mail to VF DiCaprio stated:

“Her working script is riddled with notes, with different colored bookmarks, every page has detailed reference points for her to infuse into her role. She takes on her characters like a detective might survey a crime scene.”

Keep it up, Winslet … but quit smoking cigarettes, please. She also confessed to VF that she’s been lighting up since age 19.

The December issue hits shelves November 11. Read more of the interview at VanityFair.com.

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