2007 Aug 26

Kate walking in Central London

• 2007 Candids: Out and about in Central London – August 25

4 Comments on “Kate walking in Central London”

  1. Such a mess for Kate to walk in Central London on a Saturday…. People were saying to me “Are you gonna seeing her”… but I just couldn’t… I just don’t want to hang around anymore, because I feel like a fool doing that. I know she doesn’t enjoy it either to being disturbed. I don’t want to go anywhere is public with Kate, hoping that maybe one day I could meet her another way…

  2. Even though I would love to meet Kate I’d feel bad if I were to bug her on the street or something when she’s just trying to keep to herself. I bet it was quite hectic….since the press in England are hectic. Anyway I thought she was staying at the Garden Hotel or something like that.

  3. I completely feel the same way as Elodie, i think Kate is amazing as she never lets the paparazzi bother her, and as a huge fan i wouldn’t want to be an extra form of stress, as you can imagine that one fan wanting an autograph is ok, but suddenly if you were surrounded it would be too much. You can imagine meeting her by accident and how nice and down to earth she would be, maybe the reason we all are big fans is just that, that you think she is not just a great actress, but also somebody very human you could imagine being frieinds with.

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