2010 Jun 01

Kate takes a walk in Chelsea with Mia and Joe

Kate Winslet walks with her children Mia Honey and Joe Alfie in Chelsea, yesterday, May 30:

• Candids: Taking a walk with kids – May 30

5 Comments on “Kate takes a walk in Chelsea with Mia and Joe”

  1. wow kate u r the mother everyone else dreams of having ur kids r so lucky. ur so lucky to have an acting career mwa lul :)

  2. I love seeing you in romantic movies. You are honestly a very good actress and your role in titanic make everyone want to watch the movie. i hope you enjoyed taking your kids to school. i think it must be hard if you are a celebrity with people foolowing you all the time. here in south africa you can’t even walk to school without being done any harm but it is wonderful living here though i llok foward to seeing your next picture in a magizine and getting a foto of you in yet another lovely gown. mwaziez

  3. i don’t know weather you’re walking your kids to school or just walking around in some or other park with them but i sincerely hope you enjoyed it

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