2008 May 02

Kate takes a walk and has breakfast in NYC

• 2008 Candids: Out for a walk and a breakfast at a Manhattan diner – May 2

9 Comments on “Kate takes a walk and has breakfast in NYC”

  1. aww she looks great. :)
    she doesn’t look that thin. she’s pretty normal.

  2. Kate is so awsome!!! And I don’t think she looks thin at all….she looks perfect. Does anyone think that she chnged her hair color….it looks kind of orange!
    She still looks great though…
    Love you kate!!

  3. She’s not thin, she’s very well. But, please, let her live in peace. She’s fed up with the paparazzis and things like that which follows her wherever she goes. A little bit of respect. I think that Kate would be grateful with that ;-)

  4. Just wondering…I thought you had said that you weren’t posting pictures of Kate candid anymore because of her feelings towards it? She wasn’t smiling in these. She looks fantastic as always though.

  5. I’m not saying to stop posting Kate’s photos. the only thing I don’t like is that the paparazzis follow her in situations like this and don’t let her enjoy her life. Of course I still love see Kate in new photos, but photos in official events,though, not in her personal life :)

  6. Kate winslet is Always brilliant and Perfect because she is Kate Winslet. And Kate Winslet meaning Perfect.

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