2010 Nov 03

Kate enjoys Monday in New York with daughter Mia

Actress Kate Winslet had the help of her 10-year-old daughter Mia Honey as she hailed a cab in New York on November 1.

On the same day, she was seen out and about in New York City with Mia:

• Candids: Hailing a cab with Mia – November 1
• Candids: Out and about with Mia in NYC – November 1

3 Comments on “Kate enjoys Monday in New York with daughter Mia”

  1. wooooow kate looks pregnant on the pics with the bleu big.
    she is pregnant or she dated too much with louis.

    and on the pics on 5 octobre with mia and joe
    when she hailed a cab she looks pregnant.

    is there anybody who think the same thing as me.

    i know my englisch is bad because i’m dutch yeahhhh thinks everybody kate has got fans in the netherlands haha

    anyway…. KATE is amazing as an actress, as a mother and as a person. she is just amazing

    I love her

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