2011 May 03

Gallery: Kate at the Costume Institute Gala

Added 4 HQs and one MQ picture of Kate at the Costume Institute Gala honoring Alexander McQueen yesterday, May 2.

Kate Winslet confessed she was wearing her Stella McCartney black lace and stretch gown over nothing all: “No bra, no knickers. It’s fantastic, at 35 and after two kids! I can just slip on a dress and go!”

• Awards & Galas: “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty” Costume Institute Gala

1 Comment on “Gallery: Kate at the Costume Institute Gala”

  1. As always, just beautiful!
    I noticed that Kate often prefers dresses from Stella McCartney. And no wonder – she really is!
    I will not be me if I will not say that such a figure, like Kate, it will look any outfit!

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