2011 Nov 15

First poster for “Titanic 3D” Never Lets Go

Remember the first time you saw Titanic in theaters? Remember the second time you saw Titanic in theaters? Remember the seventieth time you saw Titanic in theaters?

Now it’s time to set sail once again with the movie that made us fall in love with Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet and icebergs. on April 6, the highest grossing movie of all time returns to theaters for Titanic 3D, a new stereoscopic transfer of the movie supervised by the grandmaster of three dimensional filmmaking, James Cameron.

All kidding aside, Titanic really is a masterpiece and one I look forward to revisiting on the biggest screen possible. That said, is 3D too much for this kind of horrific experience? Sure, we remember all the wide-eyed gazing and centerfuge-style dancing, but do I need to watch the obliteration of an entire ship’s worth of people in 3D? The enhancement on the film isn’t meant to make the steamy backseat scene any steamier, but to make the large-scale “action” more immersive. The sequence featuring the (spoiler) sinking ship will be amplified ten fold by the new medium, but can people handle that? I suppose they did the first time around, but I can only imagine Cameron’s new toy will a bring a new level of terror to Titanic, a film most remember as an epic love story.

The first poster for the re-release movie has debuted on Facebook and pushes the romance first. No surprise there — that’s what made it the biggest hit in cinematic history. The only question is: how many more times do you need to see the movie?

Added the first high-quality 3D poster to the gallery:

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