2007 Mar 25

Contest answers!

Today I was to give the answers to the contest questions and announce the winner. But there was no winner! :P

I think I was too hard on the questions as I mentioned on the forums, so I’m going to give you the answers and create another contest with new questions, that I’ll post later on. :)

1. In what film Kate duels in a jousting?
A Kid In King Arthur’s Court

2. What was the film that Kate less enjoyed doing?
A Kid In King Arthur’s Court

3. How many times does Rose ask the boat to “Come back” in Titanic?

4. What film Kate considers to be the most important of her career?
Hideous Kinky

5. During the production of what film Kate sprained her ankle?
Romance & Cigarettes

6. In which film Kate says “You are the timid sex”?

7. One of Kate’s characters complains about smoking in the car. Who and in what film?
Bitsey Bloom. The Life Of David Gale

8. What’s the exact phrase Juliet says when she sees her mother in bed with another man in Heavenly Creatures?
“The balloon’s gone up”

9. How many different gowns does Rose wear throughout the film (Titanic)?

10. What 1996 picture Kate was desperate to do but didn’t win the part?
The Crucible

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  1. what’s the relation betwine you kate winslet and leonardo dicaprio ? shal you love’t ? leo it’s you real love ? l

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