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05/10/2018  •  Posted By Holly  •  Comments Off on Gallery Update: Longines Masters of New York

I have added high-quality photos of Kate from a recent event she added this year to the image gallery.

0001.jpg 0002.jpg 0005.jpg 0007.jpg

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03/07/2018  •  Posted By Holly  •  Comments Off on Gallery Update: London Film Critics’ Circle Awards

I have added images of Kate from a event in January to the image gallery.

0002.jpg 0005.jpg 0014.jpg 0022.jpg

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10/24/2017  •  Posted By Holly  •  Comments Off on Gallery Update

I have added some shoots, magazine scans and event photos of Kate to the image gallery. Please be patient while I get others! Thanks to Claudia for some of the photos.

0003.jpg 0001.jpg 0001.jpg 0004.jpg

0001.jpg 0003.jpg 0004.jpg 0021.jpg

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12/28/2016  •  Posted By Holly  •  Comments Off on Photos: Niki Perry Yoga Launches ‘Transform Now’ Video Series

I have added images of Kate from an appearance she did in November to the image gallery.

http://kate-winslet.us/photos/albums/images/Appearances/2016/2016-transformnow/thumb_0004.jpg 0006.jpg 0005.jpg 0007.jpg

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10/30/2016  •  Posted By Holly  •  Comments Off on The Dressmaker NY Screening Photos

Apologies for the lateness in adding these!

0008.jpg 0009.jpg 0010.jpg 0001.jpg

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02/17/2016  •  Posted By Jess  •  Comments Off on Kate @ EE British Academy Film Awards

Over 52 images of Kate from the EE British Academy Film Awards has been added to the Gallery.

02/13/2016  •  Posted By Holly  •  Comments Off on Triple 9 – Special Screening Photos

0007.jpg 0011.jpg 0021.jpg 0029.jpg

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