2010 Dec 30

Candids: More of Kate leaving Scotts restaurant

Added more HQs of Kate leaving Scotts restaurant after dinner with a friend on December 28:

• Candids: Leaving Scotts restaurant – December 28

11 Comments on “Candids: More of Kate leaving Scotts restaurant”

  1. She is sooo beautiful! I named my daughter after her. Literally. First and middle! Cheers! @KateWFan

  2. She’s so natural. She was always a better and more beautiful the other actresses. She envied so often offended and gossip. It is one such))) I love you Kate!

  3. Totally agree Swetlana, its like Kates gorgeous beauty and talent is so second nature. Kate you are so the best!!!!

  4. Simple! I did not want to say what I said! I do not know English and translate the comments through Google. Therefore, it might turn out not quite accurate. But the wrong address Kate, I just did not want to say! Sorry!

  5. Not to worry Swetlana your message got through, its obvious how much you love Kate like all us fans of Kate.

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