2011 Oct 31

Candids: Kate Winslet arrives with her children and boyfriend Ned Rocknroll at Newark airport

She may have only met him a few months ago but Kate Winslet has decided the time is right to introduce her new beau to her children.

The 36-year-old actress was pictured arriving at Newark airport today, October 31, with her boyfriend, Ned Rocknroll, and appeared to be playing happy families.

Ned, 33, was clearly seen holding hands with Kate’s youngest child, Joe, 7, as they made their way through the building with airport staff.

The actress’s daughter, 11-year-old Mia, was also with them and stayed close to her mother and her new man following their flight.

Kate — who only began dating Ned in August — looked tired as she walked through the terminal.

Wearing black skinny jeans with a matching blazer and flat boots, the Titanic star had roughly tied back her hair and wore a bulky scarf around her neck.

Ned — who is the nephew of business tycoon, Richard Branson — had also dressed comfortably for their flight also wearing black jeans, a hoody and a grey scarf.

He also carried a rucksack with him and didn’t hesitate to hold Joe’s hand when he realized there was waiting photographers ahead.

Mia, whose father is director Jim Threapleton, and Joe, who was born in 2003 during Kate’s marriage to another director, Sam Mendes, were also dressed casually in trainers and carried winter coats to prepare themselves for the cold New York weather.

But the loved-up couple couldn’t keep apart from each other for long, and soon enough Ned found himself holding his famous girlfriend’s hand but still kept a watchful eye over her children.

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