2011 May 27

Candids: Kate picks up Mia from school

Sorry for the delay, but here are MQs of Kate picking up Mia from school in NYC on May 19:

• Candids: Picking up Mia from school – May 19, 2011

2 Comments on “Candids: Kate picks up Mia from school”

  1. I love Kate, but i don’t agree with posting these pictures of Kate and her children. She herself has said the press DON’T need photo’s of her walking her kids to school. Yet here they are printed on a Kate fan page. I do love this page but this is the only thing which annoys me here. Thanks

  2. In a sense, I agree with Karina Joicey. I agree that the press is literally gives Kate the aisle. Meanwhile, as Kate does want her children are to feel normal.
    But does not agree with the fact that KWF not place these photos. This fan site actress Kate Winslet and here is placed all the information about it.

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