2010 Oct 28

Candids from October 26

Kate waits for Mia outside her school:

Kate with Mia and Joe waiting for a taxi after Kate picked them up from school:

• Candids: Waiting for Mia outside her school – October 26
• Candids: Picking up kids from school – October 26

5 Comments on “Candids from October 26”

  1. is the message board down or i just can’t get in? I know they spam it and all, but i hope it gets cleared up very soon so we (fans) can access it again. Thanks :D

  2. Kate.. You really inspire me in EVERYTHING I do; in my make-up, confidence and sense of humour. I really want to grow up to be like you
    My graduation project is about a novel which I can apply the school feminism on.. and guess what, I immediately remembered Madame Bovary.. Without you, I would have failed..Thank you dearest Kate

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