2007 Oct 31

Witherspoon desperate to work with Winslet

Reese Witherspoon is desperate to work with Hollywood actress Kate Winslet — because they have so much in common. The Oscar-winning actress insists she’d love to appear alongside the Titanic star on the big screen, because they both successfully juggle their careers with motherhood. Winslet has two kids, Mia, 7; and Joe Alfie, 3; while Witherspoon is mum to Ava, 8; and Deacon, 4. And Witherspoon believes the pair are so alike, they’re almost “the same person”. She says, “I had a chance recently to hang out with Kate Winslet and (Winslet’s husband) Sam Mendes. We just really get along. We’re from different countries but we’re sort of the same person. We’re the same age, we have children who are the same age. I just love Kate. I think she is just so great and I’d really love to work with her.”

Source: contactmusic.com

8 Comments on “Witherspoon desperate to work with Winslet”

  1. I love reading this stuff! Because its so true! haha I feel like Kate and I are the same person, haha shes just so amazingly the best person ever, everyone loves her!

  2. Isn’t it weird that they are the same age, same age of thier kids and both have blond hair!!! But I am pretty sure anyone would want to work with Kate she truly is like a gourgeous rose, filled with tranquility and love!

  3. I love Reese…I think she and Kate would be cute together on screen.
    And what a MASSIVE slip from Reese ie. the Jake Gylenhaal situation! She obviously hung out with Kate and Sam as they are good friend of Maggie and Jake! Whoopsie Daisy! :)

  4. YAY! I’m very happy to hear that they”ll work together!
    They are both very strong and talented actresses!

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