2011 Mar 26

Winslet’s cookery lessons on TV show set

Kate Winslet improved her skills in the kitchen while shooting new TV show Mildred Pierce — she received chicken-chopping lessons from celebrity chef Tom Colicchio.

The Titanic actress takes the title role in the upcoming HBO drama, playing a young mother in the 1930s who opens up a bakery to earn extra cash.

Producers drafted in famed cook Colicchio to teach Winslet an authentic retro technique for cutting up meat — and she was delighted to learn new culinary skills.

Winslet tells GrubStreet.com, “I cook anyway, so I was very fortunate with that. I was working with the culinary experts, and they just could see that I’m obviously used to being in the kitchen. And that definitely did help, I have to say, especially when I had to do things quite swiftly and deftly in the kitchen and make it look as though she had been doing it for years.

“(Colicchio) really actually came up with a particular way of portioning up the chicken that isn’t really done so much these days, so it didn’t look too contemporary. We didn’t want it to look like I had been taught by a culinary expert, and Tom was very good at being aware of that, and how important that was for the character.”

And Winslet has continued using her new-found skills in her kitchen at home.

She adds, “I never buy chicken in pieces anymore, I always buy a whole chicken. I’m like, I know how to do this!”

Source: Yahoo! News UK