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2008 Jun 07

New video + old interview (better version) with screen captures

Found a better version of Kate on Parkinson on October of 2006. So I took screen captures and added the video to the archives. Also, since Kate tells what happened in a French talk show on Parkinson, I deided to upload that video as well. It’s kinda disgusting, but funny. :P

• Television/Talk Shows: Parkinson – October 28, 2006

• Other TV Shows: Le Grand Journal – 2006
• Interviews: Parkinson – October 28, 2006

2007 Nov 03

It’s about time Kate Winslet wins an award!

“It’s so nice to attend an awards show and know that you’re actually going to win!”


Kate Winslet, accepting her Artist of the Year award last night at the BAFTA/LA Cunard Britannia Awards. Clearly, Kate was joking about last award season, when she was nominated for — but didn’t win — Oscar, BAFTA, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild awards for her lead role in Little Children. That’s a lot of gowns to put on for nothing. At least wearing this silver satin frock was worth it!

Don’t count Winslet out of the 2008 Oscar race. Her Oscar-winning husband, Sam Mendes, has directed Winslet for the first time in their upcoming film, Revolutionary Road (due out Dec. 19), based on a book by Richard Yates about a 1950s suburban Connecticut couple who decide to leave the consumer culture behind and move to France with their children and their problems.

In a retrospective mood last night, Winslet listed her career mentors and what they’ve taught her:

“Peter Jackson, who gave me my first job, who taught me to find my muse. Ang Lee, who taught me control. Ken Branagh, who taught me not to be afraid of Shakespeare, not completely successfully, I’m afraid. James Cameron, who taught me to be a warrior, and that’s not a joke, clearly, because none of you are laughing. Michael Apted, who taught me to hang on to my sense of humor through raging morning sickness. Richard Eyre, who taught me to be passionate and stand still at the same time. Jane Campion, who taught me how great it is to be a woman, and Michel Gondry, who taught me to try anything and risk looking stupid. Todd Field, who taught me the magic of collaboration, and Sam Mendes, who has unraveled my heart and taught me to let go.”

Source: The Envelope

2007 Nov 02

BAFTA names Winslet ‘Artist of the Year’

There’s a telling moment in Little Children when Kate Winslet’s character Sarah Pierce, trapped in a loveless marriage and enmeshed in a messy affair, relates to Madame Bovary during a book club meeting with other stay-at-home moms.

“She can either choose a life of misery or struggle against it,” says Sarah. “She chooses to struggle. She fails in the end, but there’s something beautiful and even heroic in the struggle.”

Winslet’s affinity for struggling, questing characters who refuse to play by society’s rules began with her first feature, Heavenly Creatures, in which she played a murderous fantasist, and continues with her latest, the recently wrapped Revolutionary Road, in which her frustrated suburban housewife suffers from an ennui so acute that quixotic escape is the only option.

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2007 Oct 07

Capability Kate: How Ms Winslet combines motherhood and movie making

As well as being a five-time Oscar nominee, Kate Winslet is also a working mother with many of the everyday worries we all recognize.

And she has a refreshingly down-to-earth take on her image – in fact, she’s on a crusade to make women everywhere feel better about their bodies, beginning with her six-year-old daughter

Kate Winslet, firmly established as the leading British screen actress of her generation thanks to five Oscar nominations and a string of film successes, has always striven to retain the image of a down-to-earth working mother, with day-to-day concerns no different from the rest of us.

Life with her director husband of four years, Sam Mendes, and her children Mia, six (by her first husband) and Joe, three, may seem impossibly glamorous, and their homes – a New York apartment and a Cotswold manor house – are certainly a world away from the terraced house in Reading where she grew up.

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2007 Sep 17

Kate Winslet auctions off her butt

Kate Winslet is auctioning off her butt.

The British actress has sketched a portrait of her curvy behind for the upcoming Paint4Poverty charity auction.

Potential bidders can view and make an offer for Winslet’s pencilled posterior at website www.paint4poverty.com. The highest bid currently stands at £450.

The Little Children actress is one of 60 celebrities to donate a drawing or painting to the event, which takes place later this month. Other stars include jazz musician Jamie Callum, Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant and British TV presenter Chris Tarrant.

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2007 Sep 06

BAFTA/LA top nods: Winslet, Campbell

Kate Winslet will be honored with the British Academy of Film and Television/Los Angeles’ Britannia Award for British Artist of the Year at the 2007 BAFTA/LA Cunard Britannia Awards on Nov. 1 at the Century Plaza Hotel.

Director Martin Campbell will receive the John Schlesinger Brittania Award for Artistic Excellence in Directing, while New Line Cinema’s co-chairmen and co-CEOs Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne will receive the Cunard Britannia Award for Lifetime Contributions to International Film.

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2007 Aug 25

Vogue France September interview

All over the world famous at only 21 thanks to Titanic with Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet took a good turn in her career between indie movies and blockbusters. New face of Lancôme, leading lady in the new movie by Sam Mendes that we can’t wait to see, nothing on earth seems to make Kate lose her mind. Interview with a very simple star.

By Nelly Kaprielian
Photographer: Mark Segal
Direction: Anastasia Barbiere

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