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“The Hollywood Reporter” Q&A

Kate did an interview to The Hollywood Reporter to promote her new movie ‘Labor Day’, in which she talks about growing up on aid and being bullied, the challenges of life after “Titanic,” having kids with different fathers, why she plays so many depressed women, the forthcoming “Divergent,” tweeting and more. Check it:

You come from a family of actors. How much did that influence your decision to go down that path?

My parents met because my father was an actor friend of one of my mom’s brothers, but my mother has never set foot on the stage — she’s quite shy. So it’s a strange thing because people say, “Oh, coming from acting parents,” when the idea of acting would literally make my mother just want to throw up. I did absolutely grow up in a world surrounded by people who were always performing and being flamboyant. I’m from a family of impoverished actors, not the highly RADA [Royal Academy of Dramatic Art]-trained classical actors at all. I’m from a pack of almost traveling players, as I describe it, and I just sort of grew up surrounded by, I don’t know, an attitude towards performing that was absolutely full of just complete joy, really, really just true joy. And I think I just always imagined that I would end up doing it as well. I mean, I certainly don’t remember ever thinking I would be a movie star; that never crossed my mind at all. I lived in a home where we didn’t get a VCR until I was 12, and we were on free meal benefits, and we were supported as a family by a charity called The Actor’s Charitable Club, who would literally help with the basics of living because the life of a starving actor for my father was extremely hard and he would take lots of other parts and other jobs to make ends meet. My older sister, who is now 41, always very much wanted to be an actress and was quite vocal about that. And then I started showing kind of wanting to do it, too, when I was about 8 or 9. It was literally as though if she had gotten a pair of ice skates and wanted to learn how to skate, I’m sure I would have wanted to get a pair of ice skates and wanted to learn how to skate, too. She wanted to be an actress, and so I wanted to be an actress — I mean, that seemed like a hell of a good idea to me. [laughs] My younger sister also does it. And my brother — we have one brother, who’s the youngest — he does not act whatsoever.

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