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Kate Winslet takes son for unusual bike ride in New York City

Kate Winslet goes all action girl as she pedals through the streets of New York with her son Joe. The Revolutionary Road actress is clearly a doting mother – she was earlier seen kissing and hugging her little boy.

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Kate Winslet focuses on the drama of “Mildred Pierce”

Kate Winslet wore a brown costume on the NYC set of Mildred Pierce on Sunday, while this morning she left her apartment headed to work in a blue period getup. She returned home to the Big Apple after her bikini-filled Mexican vacation to focus on her new project amid all the attention coming her way in the wake of her split from Sam Mendes. Kate and Sam have been doing their best to keep things normal for their kids Mia and Joe, and her getting back to work might help in establishing a new routine.

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Candids from April 6 and 7

Actress Kate Winslet arrives at her West Village apartment on a tricycle with her children Joe Alfie and Mia Honey on April 6 in New York City:

Kate Winslet and ex-husband Sam Mendes pick up their son Joe Alfie and Winslet’s daughter Mia from school yesterday:

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Kate and Sam take kids to school together

They called their recent split amicable, and it certainly seems that way.

Kate Winslet and her estranged husband Sam Mendes looked casual and relaxed leaving a building in New York City this morning with kids Mia and Joe. Mia, 9, is Winslet’s daughter from her previous marriage to Jim Threapleton. Joe, 6, is Winslet and Mendes’ son.

Winslet took Joe to the movies in NYC yesterday, carrying him on her hip for most of the trek to the theater.

The actress, 34, and director, 44, both Oscar winners, separated this year after seven years of marriage.

I’m personally very glad that Kate looks happy after all.

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More candids from today: Kate takes Joe to the movies

Still not far removed from her split with husband of seven years, Sam Mendes, Kate Winslet was spotted taking their son, Joe Mendes, to the movies in New York City on Monday.

Dressed casually in a t-shirt and shorts, the Oscar winning actress took advantage of the warmer weather as she hurried past paparazzi for the day’s entertainment.

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